Bucket List as a Service

BLaaS is the first 'as-a-Service' platform that pays you! We help you cross things off of your bucket list and earn crypto in the process.

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Want to Do One? Here's how:

Click a card. Tweet the pre-filled Tweet. We DM you to confirm. Post proof of completion. We send you $RGT!

Have a Baby

Name your newborn child "RGT" before July 7, 2021.

Earn 1000 RGT

1 available (0 claimed)

Selfie at a landmark

Take a selfie with a "Rari" sign in front of a historical landmark.

Earn 10 RGT

0 available (2 claimed)

Interrupt a Zoom Call

Let everyone in the call know: "Rari go brrrr"

Earn 7 RGT

Read our Disclaimer and Terms

3 available (0 claimed)

Tweet an Embarrassing Story

It's like therapy, but with the whole world watching.

Earn 7 RGT

0 available (3 claimed)

Call your Grandma

Try to explain DeFi to her. Bonus points if you tell her about Rari.

Earn 7 RGT

3 available (0 claimed)

Take an I ❤️ Rari Selfie

Tweet a pic of you holding a sign that says "I ❤️ Rari!"

Earn 3 RGT

0 available (5 claimed)

See a Ferrari

Snap a pic of a Ferrari and tag us. We just really love those cars.

Earn 2 RGT

0 available (5 claimed)

Tweet CryptoCobain

Tell him that Rari recently launched AirBnB, but for NFTs.

Earn 1 RGT

0 available (10 claimed)

Tweet Logan Paul

Ask him to be the 1st person to sell their house via NFT Pokemon card.

Earn 1 RGT

0 available (10 claimed)

Tweet Mike Demarais

Tell him you have a crush on the Rari contributors.

Earn 1 RGT

0 available (10 claimed)

Got a different task in mind? Pitch us

Create your own task and let us know what you want to cross off your bucket list by tweeting us a pitch and a price in $RGT.

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